I Am Awear Mixing w/ Minzly

@KingMinzly says
"Thank you IAmAwear for having me as a featured
artist on your adventure to success :) Here are some 
shots of me sporting cap for my Access by NKS interview. Shot by @raeeography"
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is King Minzly and I am a model, creative director, stylist and designer. 
How important is your mental approach to your career? 
My mental approach is very important to my career. I say this because being open minded and consistently staying positive has made more things for myself happen. Never comparing myself to others or what they got going on is one of the biggest things I'm really good with controlling. Shit like that is easy to get trapped in. Our minds feel and think what we let it take in. This shit is all self controlled mentally. 
Do you feel as though your thinking habits take part in the result of where you stand today?
100%! Growing up I was always taught to idolize a situation to its fullest and run with what I thought was the best solution. There have been a numerous amount of times where I could have made the wrong decision and who knows if I would have even been the same person today.
Are there any books you read to help you advance in your success. 
I am not the reading type tbh. 
What's the most creative thing you've done in your career?
The most creative thing I have done in my career so far is when I got the opportunity to model for QiloNYC for this new MTV show called "FWD".
Lastly, what are your thoughts on I Am Awear and its message?
The message I Am Awear gives is about being original staying yourself and embracing it; I'm all here for it. People need to know it is okay to believe in their self and who they strive to be.

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