Awearness Blog #5: Fashion & family with Nicholas Case

We recently got a chance to sit down with Nicholas Case who has modelled for plenty companies and has a great following. We felt inspired by his fashion sense and photography so as a result we thought it would be wise to see how he feels about his growing fan base and his choices in fashion. 
Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Nicholas case a 23 year old fashion enthusiast from Philadelphia . I am a father , a jeweller and fashion lover.

How does I Am Awear resonate with who you are?

It is the freedom of expressing your self to the world with no care of what others say or think. The idea of self is so important.

How important is your mental approach to your career? 

 I take my mental approach more serious than my physical , my mentality is what keeps me striving harder in this fashion world. 

When did your page start to blow up?


I used to model prior to getting seriously into fashion. I received a lot of features from my modelling days, so that kind of helped my page start up .

Wonderful, so do you feel as though your thinking habits take part in  the result of where you stand today?

Yes that is the main reason of why I am where I am today. I take positive thinking very serious and try not let my negativity over power my positivity

Are there any books you read to help you advance in your success. 

Just one book , called the secret . It is basically about how the mind words , and turning dreams into reality . A strong recommendation

We noticed your love for Vans, where did it come from? 

I used to skateboard back in grade school and all I wore were Vans . I always try to remain true to where I really came from.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on I Am Awear and its message?

I love the message I Am sends. I think everyone loves it, believe in yourself and be proud . This is the only way to remain happy in life.


Nicholas will be debuting our Brick Brown Original Thinking Cap. Be on the look out!


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