Awearness Blog #4: Flo Rida's artist, Kandy Kisses talks about then and now

 We recently got a chance to sit down with Kandy Kisses from Toronto, who is signed to Flo Ridas label IMG. Although she is still a growing artist, she's extremely busy around the clock so we're happy to have had time to speak with her. We wanted to know how she feels about her mentality and how she came to where she's at now. Check it out below:

I Am: Tell everyone who you are.

Kandy: I am Kandy Kisses. Toronto native triple threat: rapper, singer, songwriter, signed to pop icon; Flo Rida.

I Am: How does I Am Awear relate to you and what you stand for 

Kandy: I am awear resonates with who i am because I am a big believer that 'what you think, you become... & will achieve', and this is what the I am Awear's brand focuses on. It represents a thinking cap for greatness & only positive thoughts, and I without these thoughts I do not believe that I would be where I am today.

I Am: What is your mental approach to your craft?

Kandy: My mental approach to my career is diving head on. Although times do get tough & frustrating, I always try to remain positive because I know that those type of thoughts, & with the help of God (of course), is what got me here in the first place. In order to further my career, positive thinking and believing is the only way to elevate. 

I Am: So do you think your thought habits reflect your life?

Kandy: My thinking habits are definitely a reflection of where I am today. 

I Am: Are there any books you read to stay inspired or motivated to do well in life.

Kandy: The only book that I read everyday were passages out of my prayer book. I am a big believer in God & that through him all things are possible.... Whether it is success, happiness, wealth, health, love, etc. 

I Am: Have you ever heard of the PDN store in Hamilton (Parlez De Nous)?

Kandy: I havent heard of the PDN store in Hamilton, but unconsciously I have been there, based on one of my friends that made an appearance/interview there. Although they definitely have some really nice clothing inside and I love what they're doing for the city's night life. 

I Am: What do you think of I Am & Parlez De Nous coming together? Like the cap?

Kandy:  I love the cap and the collaboration between I Am Awear & PDN. I believe together they represent a positive message that is vital to those trying to live a positive lifestyle & to experience growth. My overall interpretation of their message is that 'the mind (our thoughts) controls everything we do, where we end up, our emotions, lifestyle, etc. and with this being said it is important to think positive to attract positive forces from the universe around us!

Thank you guys for having me appear on your blog, I wish this brand the best!

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