Awearness Blog #2: Talking positivity with Marlon Palmer

Its quite clear that the internet is a great place to start out as an entertainer, it seems to be the gateway to almost anything now. The internet has opened up the world to more faces, more talents, more opportunity. Marlon Palmer has used the world wide web to help create a new team of superstars. With his YouTube channel full of funny and parody videos now at over 19 million views, Marlon has created something he can be proud of, something that we are assuming came from his mind, and came to reality. I Am Awear, we always want to find the real, true reason behind the success, whether it's an artist, a musician, an athlete or a chef, whatever. Check out what Marlon had to say about his thoughts on life and his mental approach to his career.  



I Am Awear: Who are you, and what do you do?

Marlon: I am an actor and comedian and I make people feel good.


I Am Awear: How does I Am Awear resonate with who you are?

Marlon: Well as the name says, I'm aware. I'm aware of the injustices that we face, I'm aware of the accolades we collect and I'm always aware of where I stand.  


I Am Awear: How is your mental approach to your career?


Marlon: Focusing on staying positive and persistent are my main driving forces. I treat all adversity as a lesson to be learned so that I can grow from it and not shrink in fear of failure. 


I Am Awear: Do you feel as though your thinking habits take part in  the result of where you stand today?

Marlon: Without a doubt. If I didn't have a positive outlook on life, I'd probably be in a very dark place both mentally and spiritually. 



I Am Awear: Are there any books  or  people you study to help you advance in your success. 

Marlon: The 48 Laws of Power is like the bible to me. It confirms things that you may already do but are unaware of and it teaches you new techniques for achieving everything you strive for. 


I Am Awear: Lastly, what are your thoughts on I Am Awear and its message? 

Marlon: I enjoy that it just has a message. It's rare that you see a clothing company that not only wants to help improve your closet, but your life as well. 

Marlon Palmer

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